15 Best Tether Wallets (2022 Updated)

Tether (USDT) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency whose value is stable and backed by fiat currencies like the dollar.

Tether aims to bring stability to the constant volatility of cryptocurrencies. It is denoted by ‘USDT’ and its price always remains equivalent to $1. So, if you’re looking to buy or store a cryptocurrency that remains stationary in price, Tether is the best option for you.

15 Best Tether Wallets

The list below is the ultimate compilation of tether wallets for desktop, iOS, Android, and various other operating systems.

#1 Trezor Model T

Price: $175

Trezor Model T is developed and founded by Czech company SatoshiLabs. Trezor was also the first hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. If you are a Trezor user, then you can be assured that your coins are completely safe from every external entity.

The device has an open-source publicly accessible software code so in case SatoshiLabs shuts down, it will still be possible to use the wallet and integrate it with other programs.

It is completely operated over its touchscreen and that makes it much more secure than every other hardware wallet. The reason behind this speculation is that every other hardware wallet requires a computer or smartphone to access their sensitive information but Model T operates via touchscreen and doesn’t require the use of any external environment.

So if you mistakenly connect your hardware wallet to a computer containing malware/viruses, you compromise the security of your funds but that is not the case with Model T.

Trezor Model T also adopts other security features like two-factor authentication, 12-word recovery seed phrase, passphrase, etc. It supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies and new coins are constantly getting added to it.

In terms of safety and security, Trezor Model T is undoubtedly the best Tether wallet.

Trezor has been around since 2014 and it has never reported loss of a single coin.

It’s another incredible feature is that you can create 10 different accounts for every cryptocurrency so you can use some accounts for HODLing, some for trading, and some for regular usage.

So if the price isn’t an issue, I recommend you to buy Trezor Model T as it is not just the best Tether wallet but also the best hardware wallet all around.

#2. Ledger Nano X

Price: $119

Ledger is a very popular hardware wallet company and its Ledger Nano X is a feature-rich hardware wallet. Apart from a USB cable, you can also connect it via BlueTooth to any BlueTooth supporting devices. It also has a battery of 100 mAh so you can use it to send or receive cryptocurrencies on the go.

It supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies including Tether (USDT) and 10000+ crypto tokens which belong to the blockchains of these cryptocurrencies.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Ledger Nano X has also adopted various security features like two-factor authentication, PIN code, a recovery phrase, and a seed phrase. Plus the wallet gets locked if someone enters a wrong PIN code thrice (Not permanently).

Additionally, you will need to manually confirm a transaction by pressing the button on your device.

The design of the wallet is beautiful and rigid. It has a solid plastic body which is covered by a twisting metal cover.

It is also very compact in size and can be easily carried around like a keychain.

Nano X is our #2 choice for the best Tether wallet because:

  • It supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies
  • Supports wireless connectivity (BlueTooth)
  • Beautiful design and good build quality

#3. Trezor One

Price: $55

Trezor One was the world’s first hardware wallet.

It is an inexpensively priced hardware wallet by SatoshiLabs. It is another good option to store your Tether (USDT) and other cryptocurrencies safely.

It has a non-touch OLED display and two buttons that are used to sign or decline a transaction. The company provides detailed manuals and instructions to make your configuration and usage process as smooth as possible.

It runs on a custom Cortex M3 (120MHz embedded ARM processor) operating system.

Why use Trezor One?

  • Supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies including Tether (USDT)
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • USB connectivity
  • 9-digit PIN Code security
  • Compact in size
  • Lightweight

Trezor’s developing team is also the founder of widely-used 24-word Seed Phrases. Model One is also BIP39 compatible.

It doesn’t offer as many features as Trezor Model T but it is still an amazing hardware wallet.

It does not support BlueTooth connectivity and is completely dependent on a USB cable to be operational.

Considering its price and features, it certainly deserves a #3 place in our list of the best Tether wallet.

#4. Ledger Nano S

Price: $59

Ledger Nano S is an affordable and very secure hardware wallet. It is also a non-custodial wallet so you can store the private keys of your cryptocurrencies safely inside it.

You will need to connect it to a computer or smartphone via USB cable and use it to send or receive various cryptocurrencies.

Just like other wallets, Ledger Nano S also supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies including Tether USDT and it is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, and Chrome operating systems. You can also connect it to your Android device using an OTG cable.

You won’t even need to connect your wallet to a computer to receive your Tether USDT if you have stored its receiving address elsewhere.

You can order from the official website here.

Note: The wallets above will always be more secure than the wallets below.

#5. Guarda Wallet

Guarda wallet founded in 2017, is another multi-currency open-source wallet.

It is completely non-custodial which means it gives its users complete control over their funds and ultimately, full responsibility for their security.

Guarda developing company even claims to store zero personal or any sort of cryptographic information of its users.

Another great feature is that you can easily import all of your existing wallets into your Guarda wallet.

It is available as a desktop wallet, a web wallet, a mobile wallet, and even as a Google Chrome extension and all these wallets can also be used to access an in-built exchange platform and buy any cryptocurrency of your choice.

Its web wallet can be accessed anytime from any browser in any platform, desktop wallet software is available for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu. The mobile application is available for both Android and iOS and of course, all the applications are free.

You can also interact with DAPPs (Decentralized applications) using its Chrome extension.

It currently supports Tether (USDT) and 40+ other cryptocurrencies which in turn support more than 10,000 crypto token assets from BEP-2, ERC20, and ERC721.

It also shows you the recommended fee for every transaction or you can choose any fee amount according to your liking.

Since it is a non-custodial wallet, it should be considered as one of the best Tether wallets.

#6. Atomic Wallet

The atomic wallet is a multi-currency wallet used to store over 300 cryptocurrencies which include BTC, ETH, XLM, USDT, etc.

It is somewhat like a cold storage wallet because it keeps all your sensitive information in the local storage of your device.

It also has a useful feature called Atomic Swap in which you can swap any cryptocurrency for another.

Suppose you want to buy Tether (USDT), with the atomic swap you can easily do so by swapping any other cryptocurrency for USDT inside your wallet and if you don’t want to swap USDT for your other coins, you can also buy USDT quite easily with their in-built exchange platforms with your desired method.

It provides a high level of encryption and also offers to stake for many Proof-of-Stake coins.

The atomic wallet is not only among the best Tether wallet but it also supports 300+ cryptocurrencies which in turn support 1000+ different tradable crypto tokens.

Some major cryptocurrencies supported by atomic wallet are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Monero (XMR)

and many more.

It is available for the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Android
  • iOS

Atomic wallet is on our best Tether wallet list because of the options and features it offers.

#7. Exodus Wallet

Exodus is a multi-currency wallet usually recommended for beginners for its ultra-smooth user interface. You can securely manage and exchange your cryptocurrencies from inside your wallet.

It was developed in 2015 by Exodus Movement Inc. and was originally a desktop software wallet that further expanded its operations to mobile operating systems as well.

Now it is available completely free of cost for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Exodus wallet is also compatible with Trezor Hardware wallets which allows you to use exodus UI with the robust security of a cold storage wallet.

One more thing, they offer exceptionally good customer service support for free software.

It currently supports 100+ cryptocurrencies including Tether (USDT) i.e. 115 cryptocurrencies to be exact.

To be honest, if you are just starting to use USDT, BTC, or other cryptocurrencies, you will be able to use this wallet quite easily and effortlessly.

#8. MyEtherWallet (MEW)

MyEtherWallet aka ‘MEW’ is a client-side, open-source tool/wallet used for storing cryptocurrencies as well as interacting with DAPPs (Decentralized Applications) of the blockchain.

Initially, it was a web-based hot wallet which was later turned into a device-based software wallet.

It seems a great way to save cryptocurrencies and their tokens with its easy-to-use interface. What makes it a safe way to store cryptocurrencies is its way of storing personal information. It stores the sensitive information of the users offline and inside the device.

Its way of storing funds and information of the user enhances the security of the funds and at the same time provides complete control of the assets and the data to the user.

MEW itself doesn’t charge any fees for a transaction. All you have to pay for is the mining fees which can be quite minimal and insignificant at times but you can pay a higher fee if you want your transaction to be confirmed quickly.

MEW is mainly considered as the best wallet for Ethereum and all the coins based on Ethereum’s blockchain but since tether is an ERC20 token and that in turn, makes MEW the best tether wallet.

It has a bunch of incredible features because of its partnerships and collaborations with other cryptocurrency companies Trezor, Ledger, Changelly, Simplex, etc.

MyEtherWallet has also adopted extensive security measures like anti-phishing protection, 2-factor authentication, and a no-user data collection policy.

If you lose access to your wallet, you can recover it by entering a 24-Word mnemonic phrase or by using a Keystore file.

MEW is a highly customizable wallet that lets you set your own terms for recovery conditions, access methods, and swap tokens, all from inside the wallet application.

MEW UI supports 18 different languages and is available all over the world with the exception of a few countries.

Why is MEW among the best tether wallet?

  • Security
  • Fees
  • Support
  • Easy UI

Another reason why it’s among the list of best tether wallets is the reputation it has earned throughout its entire course of the journey.

#9. OmniWallet

If you already own the Omni layer tether, you need to check out the Omniwallet.

It was among the first few wallets that supported Tether and now remains the only wallet for Omni Layer USDT.

While it is an online web-based wallet, it still offers a high level of security by giving complete control of the funds and assets to its users and storing the private keys of the wallet inside the local device. Users can further enhance their security by adopting 2-factor authentication.

Apart from the tether, OmniWallet also supports Bitcoin (BTC) and a few other cryptocurrencies.

The only flaw that I can think of in this otherwise perfect web wallet is its user interface. It is not as user-friendly as other wallets and it often leaves its users stressed while scrolling. New users should go through its FAQs and manuals before transacting or they will find themselves dumbfounded.

While it’s not as safe as a hardware wallet, it is still a great contender for web-based best tether wallets.

#10. Freewallet

For smartphone users of both iOS and Android, the Free wallet is the best Tether wallet. It is specifically made to store your stablecoins in a safe and secure manner.

Its simple and feature-packed user interface makes it an ideal choice for cryptocurrency HODLers as well as newbies.

The free wallet has two types of wallets, one is a multi-currency wallet and the other is made particularly for Tether USDT.

As amazing as this wallet sounds, there is one thing about this wallet that I’m not a fan of. The free wallet team keeps hold of the private keys of its users.

This means that your funds can be seized by the free wallet team anytime.

There is a popular saying in the crypto community that goes, “NOT YOUR KEYS, NOT YOUR CRYPTO”.

However, the free wallet also has one benefit i.e. its developing team stores your crypto coins in cold storage which makes it pretty secure.

Additionally, if you lose access to your wallet, the free wallet team can also help you in recovering your wallet.

So, I think you can keep a small amount of crypto in this wallet for frequent usage.

You can also use the web wallet services of the Free wallet.

#11. Coinomi

Coinomi is a popular multi-currency software wallet and it has been around in the cryptocurrency sector since 2014. I have personally used it for quite some time.

Nowadays there are a lot of wallets to choose from but back a while, Coinomi was the favorite choice of many crypto enthusiasts.

Today, the Coinomi application is available across iOS, Android, and all major desktop platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Coinomi is an ideal choice due to the following reasons:

  • Security – Coinomi stores the private keys of your wallet in your wallet. It makes sure that the funds remain safe and under your control all the time.
  • Privacy and Anonymity – It is very privacy-centric and takes measures like No KYC requirement, No identity linking, No IP association, and no tracking of any transaction whatsoever. They even go a step further by anonymizing your IP address on their servers.
  • SegWit – It even supports SegWit which lets you use bitcoin, litecoin, and several other cryptocurrencies with faster confirmations and lower transaction fees.
  • Built-in Exchange – Well, you don’t need to go to any cryptocurrency exchange to buy any coins, you can buy them directly from your Coinomi wallet.

Coinomi supports many cryptocurrencies based on 125 different blockchains. The most popular coins among them are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

and many more.

Coinomi is among one of the best Tether wallets for desktops out there.

#12. Eidoo Wallet

Eidoo wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that supports Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other crypto tokens based on the different blockchains.

Founded by Natale Ferrara in 2017, it is a highly secure application-based wallet.

It was initially created as a bitcoin-only wallet but the company later expanded its operations and added support for 200+ altcoins including Tether USDT. Eidoo wallet currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, ERC20, and ERC223 tokens.

Eidoo wallet application is available for the following operating systems:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • OSX

Eidoo wallet, itself doesn’t charge any fees the only fee a user has to pay is the network/mining fee for the transactions. So, it is completely free to use.

It also supports the HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) algorithm which means that the wallet generates a new address for every transaction providing its users better privacy.

It also makes use of a 12-word backup passphrase which must be kept secure at all costs so even if you lose your device you can easily install eidoo application on a new device and use the passphrase to restore the old wallet.

Furthermore, eidoo wallet does not store the private keys of its users which renders its users permanent and absolute control over their funds which is a very good thing because only the key owner is the owner of the crypto. So, I think the Eidoo wallet is a worthy alternative to our Best Tether Wallet list.

#13. Paper Wallet

Paper Wallet is undeniably the Best Tether Wallet to store your USDT coins safely.

You can create your own Tether paper wallet using the Tether Paper Wallet Generator. It will generate a public key and a private key.

If you can handle little intricacies and technicalities, then this will definitely prove to be the best Tether wallet for you.

However, if you’re an absolute beginner, I recommend you not to use paper wallets because you have to be extra cautious while using these types of wallets and if you make a small mistake while sending or receiving crypto, then you can say adios to those crypto funds. But you can also use Ledger or Trezor for a better and easy user experience.

There are many websites and applications that let you create a paper wallet.

Note: Just remember to use a website that lets you create a wallet offline.

#14. Tether Wallet (Official)

Tether USDT also has its own wallet and it is entirely a web-based wallet. It is a primary and one of the easiest ways to convert USDT to fiat currencies like USD, EURO, etc, and USD, EURO into USDT.

Then why is it listed at number 14? Because I don’t believe it is as safe as the above-mentioned wallets.

Tether Wallet was hacked in late 2017 and the hacker was successful in stealing about $31 million by using malicious means. After learning about their Treasury Wallet hack Tether officials immediately halted the wallet operations and took it offline.

The wallet was kept offline for almost an entire year before it was restarted with the updated codebase.

This hack and wallet’s delayed re-release makes me wonder if it’s still vulnerable.

Apart from this, it is a web-based wallet that is available all around the world but it has limited functionalities in the following countries:

  • Autonomous Republic of Crimea
  • Cuba
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • The Syrian Arab Republic
  • United States
  • United States Minor Outlying Islands

Despite the above views, it can be the best tether wallet for you if you are considering web-based hot wallets.

#15. Exchange Wallet

These are the most widely used wallets and are also most prone to hacks or thefts.

There is not a single best Tether wallet among all the exchanges.

Exchange wallets are a great option if you are sending or receiving cryptocurrencies frequently but if you don’t transact frequently and only need to store your funds somewhere safe, then they are unquestionably the worst option for you.

I have put this exchange wallet option into the best Tether wallet list just to explain why it is the worst choice out there.

Many users who are new to the cryptocurrency field tend to buy and store their cryptocurrencies into their exchange’s wallet which I think is quite foolish because your funds are kept in a wallet that is completely controlled and regulated by the exchange. Moreover, they also have constant access to your private keys.

Now let me ask you one thing.

If someone else knows the private keys of your wallet, is that wallet yours then?


That’s precisely why exchange wallets are the worst.

So Which is the Best Tether Wallet?

Anybody can get confused by looking at so many options but if you ask me I will recommend Trezor Model T first and then Ledger Nano X second (Considering that price is not an issue).

Among software wallets, I will recommend Exodus wallet for desktops, Omniwallet, and Eidoo wallet for smartphones and no web wallets.

So which one is the best tether wallet for you?

Let me know in the comments below.

If you have any queries, ask me in the comments below.

If you have any issues/suggestions, send me an email via Contact Form.

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