Write For Us: Become a Guest Author About Crypto

Write for us: become a guest author about crypto

Welcome to CryptOOnews.com, a beacon of insight into cryptocurrency’s dynamic and ever-evolving world. In an era where digital currencies and blockchain technology are reshaping our financial landscape, we stand at the forefront, delivering cutting-edge news and insights to a global audience.

We’re not just a news platform; we are a community of crypto enthusiasts driven by the passion to inform and educate. Write for us and join our mission to bring forth the stories that matter.

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Why Write For Us?

Guest posting can be an exciting opportunity for both new and professional writers. If you’ve been looking for the right place to share your expertise and passions on all things crypto and blockchain, writing for a blog or website like CryptOOnews as a guest author might be the perfect avenue.

This process allows you to contribute valuable content to our cutting-edge platform and expert community. It can help you expand your reach, establish an online presence and authority in cryptocurrency, and share your insights with a larger audience.

As a contributor to our platform, you’ll enjoy unparalleled exposure to a diverse and engaged audience hungry for quality crypto content. Our platform is a launchpad for your ideas to reach thousands of readers worldwide, offering a unique opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in the crypto space. Benefits include:

  • Global Reach: Your work will be featured on a platform visited by thousands of crypto enthusiasts, investors, and professionals.
  • Professional Growth: Enhance your portfolio and credibility in a niche yet rapidly growing market.
  • Flexible Collaboration: We value your expertise and offer flexible writing arrangements that fit your lifestyle.
  • Incredible Network: Join a family of like-minded enthusiasts who win by working together.
  • Brand Elevation: Position your work alongside the industry’s best, attracting valuable clicks.

It’s a symbiotic relationship where your well-crafted blog post can enhanceour content repertoire, and in return, you might gain backlinks to your own site or portfolio. Whether just beginning as a freelance writer or a seasoned professional, guest posting can be a powerful tool in your writing career.

The key to a successful guest post pitch is understanding our audience and the type of content they find engaging. Tailor your writing to align with the topics and tone of our existing articles, ensuring your contribution adds value to the platform. Doing so gives you a better chance of our readers accepting and appreciating your guest post.

What We’re Looking For

Our ideal contributors are more than just writers; they are crypto connoisseurs. We seek individual authors who:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and related fields.
  • Can produce creative ideas and original, insightful, and thoroughly researched high-quality content.
  • Are versatile content creators, capable of crafting everything from breaking news to deep-dive analyses and thought-provoking opinion pieces.

Submission Guidelines and Process

Content Standards

We expect articles to be well-researched and original and provide valuable insights into the topic. Articles should adhere to our style guide, which emphasizes clarity, conciseness, and accuracy.

Experience Matters

We prefer contributors with a proven track record in writing about cryptocurrency, blockchain, finance, technology and other related topics.

Understanding our Editorial Process

Acquaint yourself with our editorial process. Ensure your article is crafted with original content and aligns with CryptOOnews’ content focus. Each submission undergoes a rigorous review to ensure it meets our standards. We value your voice and work collaboratively to bring out the best in your content.

Preparing Your Piece

Prepare your article (preferably a Google Doc), ensuring it contains relevant links and citations as outlined in our writer’s guidelines. A short bio about yourself should also be included to establish credibility with the audience. This bio should be concise but informative, reflecting your expertise in the subject matter.

  • Content Checklist:
    • Follow the style guide for tone and formatting
    • Include high-quality, original content
    • Add relevant links as per guidelines
    • Prepare a brief author bio

The Submission Process

Send your original article to writers@cryptoonews.com or through the contact form on our Contact Us page, and use Guest post for the email subject line. This helps our editorial team correctly identify and process your application. Keep track of any acknowledgments or reference numbers provided post-submission for future communication regarding the status of your article.

Elevate your Writing Career

Ready… Set… Write!

Content Creation Tips

Creating compelling content as a guest blogger or passionate writer involves more than just jotting down your thoughts. To truly connect with any editorial team and their audience, you need to craft engaging narratives, include rich supporting materials, and fine-tune your work before sending it.

Crafting Engaging Content

Bring Your Original Ideas to Life: Start with a specific, fresh idea rooted in your personal experience—this gives your piece authenticity, which is key for resonating with readers. Identify a topic idea that you’re passionate about, and don’t shy away from using actionable tips and practical advice to make your content stand out. And, of course, if you’re planning on writing for CryptOOnews, make sure your ideas cover a unique aspect of crypto, blockchain, and other related topics.

  • Brainstorm: Generate a list of new ideas that show your unique perspective.
  • Outline: Organize these ideas into an engaging, coherent structure.

Including Supporting Material

Utilize Relevant Images and Case Studies: Images are a great way to add visual interest and support your writing. Make sure to include relevant images that enhance your story. On the other hand, case studies provide evidence to back your points and can offer useful information to your readers.

  • Images: Integrate high-quality photos or generate illustrations that align with your content.
  • Data: When possible, add graphs or tables that help illustrate your points.

Finalizing and Submitting Your Work

Editing and Getting Feedback: Before you reach out to social media channels or a blog’s editorial team (especially if you’re about to reach out to our team!), refine your writing skills by reviewing and editing your content thoroughly. Solicit feedback from peers as fresh eyes often catch what yours might miss. Finally, ensure your content reflects the best practices of the original author or site’s guidelines.

  • Self-Review: Reread your work to find any possible improvements.
  • Feedback: Ask for input from others to gain different perspectives.

By focusing on these aspects, you can create great content that reflects your expertise and provides value to your audience.


We’re excited to welcome you to our team of elite writers, where your voice will not just be heard but celebrated.