Top 5 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Documentaries To Watch in 2022

Top 5 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Documentaries (Must-Watch)

Top 5 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Documentaries (Must-Watch)

1. The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin (2014)

The Rise And Rise Of Bitcoin is the most famous bitcoin documentary.

It follows the stories of entrepreneurs, early adopters, and startups that played a pivotal role in shaping the biggest decentralized cryptocurrency.

This documentary also covers a variety of opinions by different people about the impact of digital currency on society.

It has a runtime of 96 minutes.

2. The Bitcoin Gospel (2015)

The Bitcoin Gospel is probably the best documentary you will find on bitcoin.

It explains the financial crisis of 2008 and how bitcoin could prevent such a crisis from happening in the future.

It also explains why banks are afraid of bitcoin, why digital currency is better than fiat currency, and even tells us why bitcoin’s worth is constantly increasing.

This documentary features some top digital currency enthusiasts like Roger Ver, Izabella Kaminska, Marshall Long, Peter Todd, etc.

3. The Bitcoin Phenomenon (2014)

The Bitcoin Phenomenon took the bitcoin community by storm.

This document explains the times when bitcoin was merely a concept and how Satoshi Nakamoto brought the idea to fruition.

It clearly explains the mining of bitcoins.

It features interviews of major community players like Gavin Andresen, Erik Voorhees, Fred Ehrsam, and a few more. The future of bitcoin is also discussed by the interviewees.

This documentary is in simple language and can be understood by anyone.

4. The Blockchain And Us (2017)

The Blockchain And Us talk about the blockchain and the revolutions it could bring.

Bitcoin first introduced to us, the concept of ‘Blockchain’. While bitcoin’s popularity skyrocketed over time, blockchain still remained a hidden gem.

This documentary features exciting interviews with software developers, cryptologists, entrepreneurs from the USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, and Australia.

They are asked important questions like What can blockchain do for us? How can blockchain affect the economies of nations? How can it change our society?

5. Bitcoin Documentary by Discovery (Channel)

This is the only documentary made and aired on the mainstream.

It tells about the century-old great economic depression and the workings of traditional money markets.

At last, it sheds light on digital currencies specifically bitcoin, and their advantages over fiat currency. It also explains how bitcoin can render banks useless.

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