How To Get Free Bitcoins Without Mining? (2022 Edition)

Get Free Bitcoins Without Mining

How To Get Free Bitcoins Without Mining?

YES, it is possible to get bitcoins without mining and I’m going to share with the all the options to get free bitcoins.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the real tried and tested methods only.

First of all, let me tell you mining is not as profitable as you think unless you own a 1-acre farm full of mining hardware. But there are countless other ways in which you can earn bitcoins. Also, keep in mind that these ways will not make you a millionaire but you can earn a small stash of bitcoins.

Realistically, they can give you decent incentives in bitcoins.

I have compiled a whole list of ways that can help you to get free bitcoins without mining.

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Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are probably the easiest way of earning bitcoins. Faucet websites require you to complete small tasks like visiting a website, watching videos/ads, etc.

You can also earn bitcoins from faucets by playing games or downloading/reviewing an app. They basically offer you bitcoins for doing very small tasks.

The best thing about these faucets is that they do not require any kind of investment. All you need is a desktop or smartphone with a working internet connection.

If you are new to cryptocurrency, you should consider earning bitcoins through faucets.

Cointiply, Bitcoinker, and BonusBitcoin are some of the popular bitcoin faucets.

These faucets will only give you a minimal earning so read further if you’re looking for better ways of earning.

Warning: Don’t fall for scam faucets that offer you high payment for such small tasks.

With faucets, you can get free bitcoins without mining.

Get Bitcoins By Solving Captchas

Captchas are implemented by websites to confirm that the user is a human being and not a robot.

Companies require an actual human being to solve captchas and for this, they are ready to pay a small amount of money. This is also a little earning method.

If you solve 1000 captchas, you will earn $1.

The good thing is payouts also start at $1 for bitcoins.

People who spend 6 – 8 hours on this are able to make $150 – $250 in a month.

Get Bitcoins By Reading Books

Hey book lovers, did that sound like it’s too good to be true?

Well, I assure you it is 100% true. You can earn bitcoins just by reading books. The payouts will be minimal but if you are an avid reader, in a few months you will be able to make a little stack of money while reading.

If you don’t like reading, you can leave the book page open for the given time and then come back and claim your Satoshis!

Yes, it’s that easy.

PaidBooks, Online Book Club are good places for reading.

Another easy way to get free bitcoins without mining.

Enough of these small earning sites, now let’s get down to the real deal.

Bitcoin Freelancing

Freelancing is contract-based employment where an organization temporarily hires a person based on certain skills to complete a specific project.

Freelancing used to be an exhausting career but it has become a very popular way of earning in the past few years. It is one of the best ways to turn your skills or hobbies into a living.

With freelancing, you can choose exactly the kind of work that you want to do.

Nowadays, there are websites that pay via cryptocurrencies to freelancers.

Bitcoin-Paying Freelance Platforms

  • Cryptogrind
  • Coinality
  • Crypto.Jobs

Cryptogind is the leading freelance platform in the crypto industry. You can earn bitcoins by writing a blog, coding, video editing, website designing, etc.

Cryptogrind uses a multi-signature escrow system for payouts, eliminating the need and risk of using hot wallets.


Coinality is another popular cryptocurrency freelancing job platform. There is a constant demand for freelancers for various projects on the platform. It is also famous for the transparency between employers and freelancers.

Many projects posted on the website exceed well over $1000.


CryptoJobsList is mainly related to blockchain jobs. It offers jobs like smart contract developer, blockchain developer, etc. However, there are also jobs like content writing, business development, etc.

If you are a crypto and blockchain enthusiast, this must be your #1 priority.

NOTE: Your skills will determine the extent of your earnings.

Do freelancing at any of these platforms and get free bitcoins without mining.

Bitcoin Trading

This option requires some amount of investment and it’s not a direct way to get free bitcoins without mining.

So, there are two types of investment platforms to trade bitcoins.

Trading With Bitcoin Futures

Futures are a great way to protect traders from price volatility. With bitcoin futures, you can buy any amount of bitcoins for a locked and specific price in the future.

Suppose you locked X amount of bitcoins and all of a sudden, their prices in value increased. Well, you just made a profit.

Now suppose you locked Y amount of bitcoins but their prices decreased.

Well, you just locked the trade and did not pay. Thus protected yourself from a potential loss.

Binance, OKEx are popular bitcoin futures platforms.

Trading With Bitcoin CFDs

CFD stands for contract for difference. It is a financial instrument that allows traders to trade an asset without owning it. So, a bitcoin CFD refers to investing and trading in bitcoins without actually owning them.

Trading bitcoins for-profits can be a lucrative way of earning bitcoins.

You can start trading for as little as $10. However, the higher the investment, the higher the profit/loss margins.

If you are a beginner, I recommend you register on a platform and start using a demo account to get the gist of bitcoin CFD trading.

Bitcoin holders use short-term CFDs trades to neutralize the losses they encounter when bitcoin’s price decreases.

eToro, Plus500 are two of the most popular CFD trading platforms.

Earn Interest By Holding Bitcoins

If you already own bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, this is the best option for you because you will get free bitcoins without mining.

You can use popular trading platforms to lend your bitcoins and earn interest in them.

Profits vary according to the trading platforms. Some offer 2% while others offer a 9% interest on the investments.

The 3 most popular interest-earning platforms are :

  1. BlockFi
  2. Celsius
  3. Binance


BlockFi offers the following annual interest rates on various cryptocurrencies:

  • 6% interest on Bitcoin
  • 4.5% on Ether
  • 8.6% on GUSD
  • 8.6% on USDC


Celsius is another leading interest rate provider. It gives interest in 40 different cryptocurrencies.

Its interest rates on some major cryptocurrencies are given below:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) – 6.20% for US residents and 4.51% worldwide
  • Ethereum (ETH) – 6.50%
  • Tether (USDT) – 11.55%
  • Bitcoin SV (BSV) – 4.51%
  • EOS (EOS) – 4.45%


Binance, along with being the world’s best cryptocurrency exchange, is also a good choice for earning interest on your bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Their interest rates are given below:

  • Tether (USDT) – 6.31%
  • Binance (BUSD) – 6.31%
  • DASH (DASH) – 4.19%
  • EOS (EOS) – 3.80%

Accept Bitcoin as a Payment

This is mainly for business owners. If you own a business (especially an online business), you should consider adding a cryptocurrency payment method because then you don’t need to look to get free bitcoins without mining.

It is very easy to add bitcoin as a payment method, all you need to do is find a payment gateway platform and set it up in your business accordingly and reap benefits.

CoinPayments and Bitpay are the most widely used payment gateways.

Betting And Gambling

If you like betting or gambling on certain things, then you can also try your hand on online websites that offer winnings in bitcoins or other altcoins.

You can bet on sports matches, tournaments, esports games, etc. You can gamble on online casinos which in the essence are the same as physical ones.

This is a high-risk/high reward type of option.

You must only use the funds you can afford to lose.

Cloudbet, FortuneJack are popular names in the industry.

Betting and gambling are usually frowned upon by many people and still, they feel envious of someone like Dan Bilzerian who became rich by playing poker.

Earn Bitcoins Through Income

Yes, this is also a real way to get free bitcoins without mining.

Well, it may sound surprising to you but I assure you this is also an option to earn bitcoins.

There are websites that can accept a salary from your employer and then pay you in bitcoins or in any other cryptocurrency.

All you have to do is ask your employer to pay your salary through these websites. For now, not many employers agree to these terms.

Bitwage is one such company.

Bounty Hunter

Are you a skilled computer programmer?

If yes, you can earn as much as $300,000 by spotting bugs and glitches in the software. Some popular bounties include bug bounty, improvement bounty, airdrops, facebook bounty, Twitter bounty, Bitcoin Signature bounty, etc.

Cryptocurrency bounties are usually held at the time of initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Bounties on such programs can be found on various forums like Bitcointalk.


Giveaways are kind of a big deal in the crypto community. For the sake of mass adoption, giveaways are happening constantly and if you are following the big names in the industry on social media, chances are that you will come across these giveaways more frequently.

Roger Ver aka ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ recently did a giveaway of $5000 worth of BCH (bitcoin cash) on Facebook.

One more thing, don’t fall for giveaway scams where scammers impersonate a famous personality and promise to give you 10X returns if you send them funds.

Peer-To-Peer Lending

If you already own bitcoins or other altcoins, you may want to consider peer-to-peer lending.

All you have to do is set up your account on such a platform and transfer your funds to it. You will be able to see a long list of borrowers who want to borrow your cryptocurrency.

When you lend your bitcoins to a borrower, you will be able to charge interest as high as 15%!

This type of lending is also a good way to maximize profits and minimize market risks.

You can start lending on the following platforms Unchained Capital, BTCPOP, and BitBond.

Earn By Tips

You can even earn free bitcoins for being nice and helpful.

Check tasks available on BitforTip for more information and see different ways in which you can be tipped.


You can either put a lot of effort into earning by faucets or such small tasks but the earnings will be minimal or you can earn more by freelancing, lending, etc by showcasing certain skills.

So how are you going to get free bitcoins without mining?

If you have any questions, ask me in the comments below.

If you have any tips or suggestions, send me an email via Contact Form.

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