Where and How To Buy Voxies (VOXEL)? (2 Best Methods) (2022 Edition)

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Despite the common misconceptions, acquiring a cryptocurrency with a debit or credit card isn’t really difficult anymore. Voxies is currently relatively easy to get. It can be easily acquired with PayPal, a credit card, or a debit card.

Voxies continues to have a great bull run in this year. Some analysts believe that if you would acquire Voxies today, the cost of 1 Voxies in the next 5-10 years will be more than 10 times.

This is a complete reference guide about how to buy Voxies (VOXEL) that we’ve put together to make your task simpler.

What is Voxies (VOXEL)?

Voxies (VOXEL) is actually a multi-utility token of a game called Voxie Tactics. It is a modern RPG game designed with a retro theme. The Voxies (VOXEL) are primarily used to buy in-game items like weapons, armour, and other types of equipment.

Where To buy Voxies Crypto?

Voxies can only be bought on very few platforms. The Two biggest cryptocurrency platforms among them are:


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The now Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange, which was founded in China in 2017, has grown to become the world’s largest trading platform. Binance has become the go-to exchange for tens of millions, with more currencies and trading pairings than 99% of its competitors, as well as some of the industry’s lowest fees and the easiest deposit and payment options. There is something for everyone here.


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Gate.io is mainly a crypto-to-crypto exchange that has been in operation since 2013. Gate.io, which was relaunched in 2017, is one of the fastest-growing crypto platforms, featuring a leading Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform, a wide range of cryptocurrencies, leveraged margin trading, and other innovative financial services such as margin lending and taking off.

How To Buy Voxies Coin on BINANCE (Quickly)

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1. Create an account on Binance.

The first step is to create an account on Binance by entering your email address and phone number.

2. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (Optional)

Binance supports two-factor authentication and sends an OTP whenever a new login attempt is made. It is just an extra added security measure that you may want to use.

3. Verify your account and finish the KYC process.

You must verify your account after registering on Binance by navigating to your email inbox and inputting the confirmation code when required. The next stage is to finish your Know Your Customer (KYC) process. You’ll need to input personal information such as your full name, date of birth, and address. The next step is to upload a photo of your ID card, which could be a driver’s license, a national ID card, a PAN card, a voter ID, or anything else.

4. Deposit funds into your Binance Wallet

After successfully creating your Binance account, the part of the process is your Bitcoin purchase to fund your Binance wallet. You can fund your wallet with either your existing coins or fiat currency. Other options for depositing funds and purchasing cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin include bank transfers, credit/debit cards, SEPA transfers, or peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers from your bank.

5. Purchase Bitcoin with Binance.

After you’ve finished the most important initial steps of buying Bitcoin on Binance. The next step is to acquire Bitcoin (BTC) after the money has appeared in your wallet. You can either buy P2P from any of the listed sellers or go with the Express alternatives and enter the amount you wish to spend on Bitcoin (BTC). The Bitcoin should appear in your wallet once you’ve completed the transaction. Congrats! You just made your first Bitcoin purchase on Binance.

6. Registering with a Voxies-supported Cryptocurrency exchange

Because Binance does not allow direct Voxies purchases, you will need to register an account on another exchange that allows it.

7. Getting your bitcoins from Binance

BTC should be transferred from Binance to a Voxies-supported exchange.

8. Keeping your Voxies safe

After you’ve finished purchasing Voxies, save it in a hardware wallet. For better reference, take a look at the best Voxies wallets.

Why Choose Binance for Buying Voxies (VOXEL)?

  • Low Fees
  • Super-fast trade execution
  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies available to buy
  • Lots of user rewards
  • Free education about cryptocurrency as well as trading
  • Highly complex trading charts for expert traders or investors

Quick Steps on How To Buy VOXEL Crypto on GATE.IO

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1. Sign up for a gate.io account.

The first step in purchasing Voxies on Gate.io is to register for an account. Simply sign up for an account on the gate.io website and fill in the required information.

BTW, if you register using this link you will get a $100 Bonus and you will also get a 10% fee discount forever.

2. Verify your gate.io account via email.

Open your inbox and look for the gate.io message. After clicking the link, you will be sent to the exchange platform’s website.

Log into your account after that, and your account will be validated.

3. Set up Two-factor authentication on your Gate.io account.

Setting up 2FA is critical in the crypto world because it protects your account from cyber hackers.

On your smartphone, install the Google Authentication app. After that, scan the QR code and enter the code you just got into the TOTP box, along with your Fund password. When you’re ready, click “Enable Two-factor Authentication.”

4. Complete the KYC process.

Your KYC will be completed once you provide your Identification Document Number in the KYC section.

5. Make a deposit into your Gate.io account.

You can fund your account with a credit card or a bank transfer.

6. Purchase Voxies

Use the hard cash you’ve deposited to purchase the needed amount of Voxies.

You will be ready to trade with Voxies once you have purchased it.

7. Keep your Voxies safe.

To keep your Voxies safe, store it in a hardware wallet. For better reference, take a look at the best Voxies wallets and decide which one is the best for you.


Voxies (VOXEL) Analysis

Earlier this year, VOXEL was worth $0.80. And with a cost of $500, the investment currently has a 5.3 out of 10 safety rank and a +97% expected return, according to research by several cryptocurrency analysts. The most crucial ranking factor for this currency is its market capitalization.

The system examined the coin’s daily rates over the preceding six months to calculate the ROI that may be received from a Voxies investment this year. Because the nature of crypto assets is anti-stable, there is a good chance that VOXEL may keep soaring to its newer all-time high prices in the coming future.

Voxies (VOXEL) Price Prediction

The whole cryptocurrency market is now experiencing a big bull run.

There is no broad consensus among cryptocurrency specialists, with some still calling this market a bull trap.

Others, headed by well-known on-chain experts like Will Clemente and Willy Woo, expect a face-melting bull run. As usual, Bitcoin has the last word, and altcoins will follow suit after the flag bearer has made a decision. Bitcoin is now squeezing the life out of altcoins, but once it settles into its new price range, altcoins will begin to balloon – a scenario we’ve seen hundreds of times in the distant and recent past.

Our personal price prediction model is very bullish, with a slight hint of a bear market at the end of the year. We anticipate that around that time, whales and other major market players will take their earnings, culminating in a classic and swift crypto collapse.

Many crypto analytic teams have created a price prediction system that takes a multifaceted approach to cryptocurrency and takes into account both technical and fundamental evaluations of each project.

Some of the factors that analysts use to analyze include the team, Tokenomics, use case, community, marketing efforts, liquidity and exchange availability, hype and speculative potential, and so on, as well as some additional unique features created in a specific crypto research lab.

By the end of the decade, Voxies is expected to reach as high as $4.10, according to crypto research forecasting models. So in the long run, Voxies (VOXEL) can be seen as a profitable cryptocurrency investment.

Voxies Buying Risks

Each cryptocurrency has its own set of risks. To prevent losing money, it is critical to thoroughly research each of them before investing. The major risk is a decline in Voxies’s value on the cryptocurrency market.

How To Mitigate Voxies (VOXEL) Buying Risk

If you want to acquire Voxies (VOXEL), there are a few things you can do to mitigate the risks.

These are as follows:

  • Make your wagers modest.
  • Don’t spend more money than you can afford.
  • Voxies should be obtained in small but constant dosages.
  • Consider investing in more Defi currencies to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio.

How To Buy Voxies Token (Step-by-Step Guide)

Binance logo used in an article written on the Cryptoonews.com website

Why choose Binance over other exchanges?

Binance includes a lot of unique features that show why utilizing Binance to purchase bitcoin is a sensible choice. Let’s get straight in and see everything Binance has to offer:

Low fees: Binance merely has a 0.1% trading charge which is cheaper than almost all the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Trade execution: Binance is noted for its high-speed trade execution. Before the founder Changpeng Zhao (aka CZ) launched Binance in China in 2017, he developed a software system for matching orders for high-speed traders.

Crypto selection: While it doesn’t provide as many cryptocurrencies and crypto-to-crypto trading pairs as its parent firm, the selection of more than 400 cryptocurrencies and their trading pairs at Binance still outpaces a lot of other cryptocurrency exchanges.

User rewards: Binance routinely offers contests and challenges to boost user participation on their platform. Users can claim these prizes in the Binance rewards centre. Binance also organizes crypto airdrops for currencies that are soon to be listed on their marketplace.

Binance Academy: Binance runs its own free education platform named Binance Academy. From introductory crypto classes to expert training on trading, Binance Academy is a one-stop shop for all things related to crypto.

Complex charting: Binance allows users to create advanced charting views with hundreds of overlays and indicators using the embedded TradingView charts.

API keys: Binance allows public access to its API keys, letting third-party programs interface with the Binance platform.

How Can I Buy Voxies Token on Binance

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STEP 1: To begin, you must first establish a new Binance account.

First of all, go to the official website of Binance.

Binance is always taking on new members.

Because there have been several phishing cases in recent years involving identical duplicates of the genuine site, it is vital to carefully inspect the URL of the website. To begin, look for the ‘Secure’ certificate in your address bar, which acts as verification of the site’s validity. Second, bookmark the official page to prevent any future misunderstanding when trading on the platform.

Step 2: Click on ‘Register Now’ and put in the blanks your personal or business details.

You must input your personal or trade information after clicking on the “Register” button in the top right-hand corner of the website’s page. You may be asked to supply your mobile phone number or email address, for example. Choose your main email address that you can easily access and that is the most secure for the email address, since you will need it to sign in to your Binance account at all times.

You should also choose a strong password for your email, which should contain a mix of numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters, and punctuation. A 6-digit number will be sent to the email address you provided as your account’s verification code to complete the registration process.

Step 3: Enable 2FA-Two-factor authentication (Optional)

What is Two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication (2FA), often known as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a security method in which users validate their identity using two independent authentication factors.

2FA is used to safeguard a user’s credentials as well as the resources they have access to. Single-factor authentication (SFA), in which the user gives only one factor — generally a password or passcode — provides a lower level of security than two-factor authentication (TFA). Two-factor authentication relies on a user giving a password as the first factor and a second, distinct element — commonly a security token or a biometric factor like a fingerprint or facial scan — as the second factor.

After your first log in, utilize two-factor authentication to make your account more secure. Believe me when I tell you that enabling 2FA is crucial since it protects your account from any hacker activity!

Each time you log in with two-factor authentication, you will be requested to provide a unique code after entering your email and password. Install the Google authenticator app on your smartphone to get your one-of-a-kind code.

Step 4: Buy your first Bitcoin (BTC)

You can use a credit/debit card to purchase bitcoin or you may send money directly from your bank account to your Binance Crypto wallet account via SWIFT money transfer, or you can use your debit/credit card. I’ll teach you how to use your credit card in this part.

Binance formerly restricted the use of credit or debit cards on its platform, however, this policy has subsequently been modified. Binance has partnered with Simplex to enable its customers to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum using credit or debit cards. As a consequence, transaction speeds in the cryptocurrency exchange have risen, transaction costs have fallen, and transaction flexibility has grown.

I highly suggest you buy Bitcoin first and then trade it for the right amount of Voxies (VOXEL) as it is relatively easy to purchase Bitcoins using a credit card, but I will go through the best methods to do it step by step to ensure you understand all of the crypto trading jargon.

Follow the following steps precisely:

  1. Place your cursor on the ‘Buy Crypto’ tab in the top bar and choose the dropdown menu. Then, pick your currency, for example, US Dollars and click the ‘Credit/Debit Card’ option to advance to the next level.
  2. Buying Bitcoins with a credit card is straightforward, but I’ll walk you through the best methods to accomplish it step by step so you understand all there is to know about Bitcoin trading.
  3. Move your mouse cursor over the ‘Buy Crypto’ tab on the top bar to activate the dropdown menu. Then, choose a currency, such as US dollars, and go on to the next stage by selecting the ‘Credit/Debit Card’ option.
  4. Finally, click “Buy BTC.” A window will emerge with all of your order’s details. However, before finalizing your purchase, you must read and accept the disclaimer and Terms of Use. When you’re satisfied, check the box to confirm your purchase and then proceed to “Payment”.
  5. Enter your credit card details as well as your personal information. After that, click “Pay now” and wait for your details to be validated.
  6. Since this is your first payment on Binance, you will be asked to verify your email address and phone number with a code given to your email or SMS. To finish the verification process, click the link in your email and enter the code you got by SMS. After you’ve completed all of the above steps, click “Continue.”
Step 5: Verify your identity

The next step is to use an official document to verify your identity. According to the country you selected, you’ll be given a list of ID verification options that you can use to verify your identity.

Simply submit a photo of your ID along with your personal details and click the “Upload Document” button.

Finally, after your personal document has been checked by the system, you will get an email verifying your order purchase. By now, the BTC that you had purchased will be credited to your Binance account.

Step 6: Transferring Bitcoin to another Cryptocurrency Exchange

Quick Update: You can now buy Voxies (VOXEL) directly on Binance so if you follow all the steps from 1 to 5 by replacing BTC with VOXEL, you will have already bought Voxies (VOXEL).
However, if Voxies (VOXEL) gets delisted from Binance, then you must follow all the previously mentioned ‘not required anymore’ steps as well.

Now, let’s exercise your Binance investment to purchase Voxies (VOXEL).

However, since not all cryptocurrencies can be traded on Binance, we must transfer our assets to a different exchange where Voxies (VOXEL) may be traded.

You can choose any exchange that supports both BTC and Voxies.

You’re also ready to transfer our Bitcoins if you’ve completed similar procedures as we did with Binance.

Step 7: Add Bitcoin to the Exchange

After you’ve established a Voxies (VOXEL) trading account on one of the exchanges that supports it, you must transfer your BTC from Binance to that exchange.

This part may be confusing, but it is not as complicated as a bank transfer.

You’ll need to employ a wallet exchange. Just copy the “Deposit Address” to transfer BTC.

Return to Binance after you’ve copied your one-of-a-kind BTC wallet address. When the popup opens, move your mouse to “Wallet” on the right-hand side of the top bar and then click “Fiat and Spot (Deposit & Withdrawal).”

Search for BTC in the list and then click the “Withdraw” option on the right. Then, choose BTC as the transfer network and paste the deposit address from the other exchange.

Make a note of how much money you plan to remove (you may click the Max button if you want to withdraw all). Then, to begin the withdrawal process, press the Submit button.

Binance may request your 2FA code and need you to confirm the withdrawal through email in order to continue.

That’s it. All you have to do now is wait for the blockchain to confirm your transaction.

Step 8: Purchase Voxies (VOXEL)

You must now return to the exchange that you choose and spend the Bitcoins you provided to buy Voxies (VOXEL).

You must first browse to trading, then cash trading or ordinary trading.

Then, choose the “VOXEL/BTC” pair by typing “VOXEL” into the search field.

After you’ve selected your currency, click it, and a VOXEL/BTC price table will display in the centre of the page. Choose the “Market” option since this is the most basic kind of purchase order.

Then, using the percentage buttons, input your amount or choose what percentage of your BTC deposit you’d want to spend on purchasing VOXEL coin.

After you’ve double-checked everything, press the “Buy VOXEL” button.

Hurray! You now have Voxies (VOXEL) in your possession!

List of Binance Unsupported Countries

Binance Unsupported Countries:
  • Belarus
  • Cuba
  • Herzegovina
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • USA
  • Zimbabwe

How To Buy VOXEL Token On Gate.io (Step-by-Step Guide)

Gate.io logo used in an article written on the Cryptoonews.com website

Why should you choose Gate.io for buying Voxies (VOXEL)?

There are a number of reasons for choosing Gate.io over other exchanges while buying Voxies. Let’s have a look at some of them.

The number of cryptocurrencies available: Gate.io is recognized as an altcoin exchange for a reason. It supports more than 1300 cryptocurrencies and over 2300 distinct cryptocurrency marketplaces. It does not, however, deal with fiat money.

Gate.io’s functionality: You may trade in cryptocurrency markets, margin trade with 10x leverage, margin lend or borrow money, engage in period investment plans, invest in IEOs through its Gate.io Startup platform, and participate in perpetual swap contracts, among other things.

Fees are quite modest: Gate.io, like other cryptocurrency exchanges, has a minimal fee structure. Although it is not the cheapest service on the market, it does offer a number of discounts. The site charges 0.2% of the entire order value for each transaction.

Security: The Gate.io crew is security-savvy, having been named one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges by CER. Users may safeguard their accounts in a variety of ways, and the platform itself includes several security features.

Customer Service: Aside from the 24/7 live chat accessible to all users, it also provides a large help database including a FAQ section and a New User Guide. For more complicated issues, you may also send a support ticket.

Where To Buy VOXEL Coin on Gate.io

Gate.io logo used in an article written on the Cryptoonews.com website
STEP 1: Create an account (Get 100$ Bonus and 10% Fee Discount Forever)

Go to the Gate.io official website by clicking this link because if you register using this link you will get a $100 Bonus as well you will also get a 10% fee discount forever. After clicking on this link you will land on the official sign up page of Gate.io.

Once you are on the homepage to create the account simply enter the following details:

  1. Email
  2. Password
  3. Use Referral id: 9517311 (For 10% fee discount forever)

After filling in all the details just click on the “NEXT” Button that will lock your details and will create your account.

STEP 2: Turn on Two Factor Authentication (Optional)

Once you are done with creating your account, you will be logged in to your account. That is the main page of your account.

Now our next step will be to enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Now many of you might be having the question that what is two-factor authentication. So, let us first understand what is 2FA.

Understanding Two-factor authentication(2FA):
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA), often known as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a security method in which users validate their identity using two independent authentication factors.
  • 2FA is used to safeguard a user’s credentials as well as the resources they have access to. Single-factor authentication (SFA), in which the user gives only one factor — generally a password or passcode — provides a lower level of security than two-factor authentication (TFA).
  • Two-factor authentication relies on a user giving a password as the first factor and a second, distinct element — commonly a security token or a biometric factor like a fingerprint or facial scan — as the second factor.

Now coming back on how to turn on 2FA  on your account.

Firstly click on my profile option on the right top corner of the window. Then further a dropdown will appear to you. Click the option “ Security Verification “ to continue further. Right here you have to turn on the 2FA option under Login Verification Setup Category.

Now here you have 2 options: 1. Either you can use Google Authenticator 2. Or you can choose SMS for receiving the codes for authentication purposes.

After selecting whatever seems suitable from either google authenticator or SMS  you are done with this step of turning on the two-factor authentication.

STEP 3: Identity verification (Important)

In this step, after doing two-factor authentication just scroll up a little bit and you will be able to see the KYC (ID verification option).

Here you have to just enter your name and your identity document number. In this step, you need to upload the scanned image of your document.

Then Gate.io will review your documents and approve your account entirely. The review usually takes about a few minutes.

After that, you are ready to buy your Voxies coins.

We will explain in the next step how to buy Voxies crypto quickly.

STEP 4: How can I buy VOXEL crypto using Fiat money

After you are done with the identification step now you are ready to buy your Voxies.

To buy Voxies (VOXEL), you have two different options: 1. Either you can first buy crypto on here with fiat money 2. Or you can deposit any other cryptocurrency that you own and then use the exchange to buy Voxies with it.

First of all, we will see how to buy Voxies with fiat money. Buying crypto using fiat money is going to be very simple. Just go to the left top corner of the window and you will see the “buy crypto“ option right there.

Click on the “Buy Crypto“ option. Now you will see two further options in the drop-down menu. The First will be a credit/debit card and the second will be a bank transfer.

You can choose any of them according to your convenience.

Let’s say for example if you click on the credit card option.

Here you can choose the cryptocurrency that you want to buy. For instance, choose USDT or BTC or ETH and then after buying it, you can exchange it for the Voxies coin. 

STEP 5: Buying any other cryptocurrency and then further exchanging it with Voxies Crypto

I strongly advise purchasing Bitcoin first and then trading it for the appropriate quantity of Voxies (VOXEL).

It is simple to buy Bitcoins using a credit card, but I will go over the best ways to do it step by step to ensure you grasp all of the nitty-gritty of trading.

  1. It’s quite simple to buy Bitcoins using a credit card, but I’ll go through the best ways to do it step by step so you grasp everything there is to know about Bitcoin trading.
  2. Activate the dropdown menu by moving your mouse pointer over the ‘Buy Crypto’ tab on the top bar. Then select a currency, such as US Dollars, and proceed to the following step by clicking the ‘Credit/Debit Card’ button.
  3. After that, click “Buy BTC.” A window will appear with all of the specifics of your order. However, you must read the disclaimer and Terms of Use before confirming your order. Once you’re pleased, tick the tab to confirm your order and go to “Payment”; click.
  4. Fill in your credit card information as well as your personal information. After that, click “Pay now” and wait for it to validate your information.
  5. If this is your first Simplex payment, you will be requested to authenticate your email and phone number with a code sent to your email or your phone by SMS.
  6. Open the link in your email and key in the code you received by SMS to complete the verification procedure. After you’ve completed all of the steps above, click “Continue.”
  7. The use of an official document is required for verifying identity to complete the next step. Simply, upload a snapshot of your identity document together with your personal information and click the “Upload Document” link.

Finally, your personal document will be accepted when it has been reviewed by the system, and you will receive an email confirming your order purchase. Then your BTC will be credited to your Gate.io account.

Now you can exchange your BTC with Voxies anytime you want according to your comfort. You can also take BTC to any other exchange where you want to keep your Voxies coins.

STEP 6: Managing your VOXEL coins in a Secure Wallet

As your crypto asset portfolio grows, you’ll need a secure crypto wallet to keep everything safe. On that end, there are thousands of service providers, and picking the proper one would necessitate an altogether new guide to impart some expertise on the subject.

One of these wallets can be installed on your hardware. You may save your currencies on your devices, such as your desktop or laptop, in this manner. If you choose, you may keep your online possessions safe by using an online wallet.

Mobile wallets may also be loaded on your smart device, although most of them are limited in terms of storage capacity.

The fourth alternative is a paper wallet, which is nothing more than a euphemism for obtaining an official legal document stating the contents of your wallet as well as the keys to getting access to them.

I highly recommend using a hardware wallet that supports several cryptocurrencies to secure your Voxies (VOXEL) coins. The top hardware wallets are these two: Trezor and Ledger.

List of Gate.io unsupported countries

Gate.io Unsupported Countries
  • Cuba
  • Crimea
  • Iran
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Pakistan
  • The Government of Venezuela
  • Bangladesh
  • Bolivia
  • Ecuador
  • Residents in the USA are permitted to use the exchange with certain restrictions in place due to strict regulations.
  • Residents in Canada are permitted to use the exchange with certain restrictions in place due to strict regulations.

At last, I would again like to remind you that these two (Binance and Gate.io) are absolutely the best ways how to buy VOXEL crypto worldwide.

How to keep Voxies safe?

Take the following measures to keep your Voxies (VOXEL) safe and secure.

1. Use Cold Wallets to Your Advantage

Because cold wallets do not connect to the internet, they are not vulnerable to any kind of cyberattacks.

The ideal approach is to keep your private keys encrypted in a cold wallet, often known as a hardware wallet.

Best Cold Wallet: Trezor Model T

2. Consider VPNs

Only use a secure internet connection throughout your cryptocurrency transactions, and stay away from public Wi-Fi networks as much as possible.

For increased security, use a VPN even when connected to your home network because VPN hides your IP address and location from fraudsters, ensuring that your online activities remain anonymous.

Best VPN for Cryptocurrency users: ExpressVPN

3. Keep a backup plan in place

Frequently and at regular intervals, completely back up your entire crypto wallet.

In the event of a computer/mobile breakdown, the history of frequent backups could be the only way to recover the currency stored in the digital wallet.

Make a backup of all of the files and store them in different safe places. Create a solid backup password as well.

4. Make sure all of your software is up to date

Keep your program updated. Hackers may be tempted to target a wallet that isn’t running the latest recent crypto software.

The most recent version of wallet software will have a more robust security system, which will help to safeguard your funds.

You may simply avoid a huge problem by keeping your software up to date with the latest security fixes and protocols.

Keep your funds safe by regularly updating your mobile’s or computer’s operating systems and applications.

5. Conduct a thorough background investigation.

Despite the fact that it is the last point, it is still crucial.

Remember to carefully select your cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Make sure you’ve done a full background investigation on the company before deciding on whatever platform, tool, or program you’re going to use.


The four best hardware wallets that you can use to keep your VOXEL coins absolutely safe are:

  1. Trezor Model T
  2. Ledger Nano X
  3. Trezor Model One
  4. Ledger Nano S
Warning: You can easily buy any cryptocurrency wallet from Amazon but I will highly recommend you to buy from their official online store only and NOT from anywhere else because if you buy from the official store, then you can directly contact the company for any issue but if you buy from other resellers like Amazon, then there is a high chance that your wallet might be refurbished or tampered with.
So, you should always try to buy these kinds of technical products from the company's official online store.

Trezor Model T

Trezor has been around since 2014 and it has never reported loss of a single coin

– Fact

Price: Check the current price by clicking below.

Trezor Model T is developed and founded by the Czech company SatoshiLabs. Trezor was also the first hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. If you are a Trezor user, then you can be assured that your coins are completely safe from every external entity.

The device has an open-source publicly accessible program code so in case SatoshiLabs shuts down, it will still be possible to use your wallet and integrate it with other programs.

It is completely operated over its touchscreen and that makes it much more secure than every other hardware wallet. The reason behind this speculation is that every other hardware wallet requires a computer or smartphone to access their sensitive information but Model T operates via touchscreen and doesn’t require the use of any external environment.

However, if you mistakenly connect your hardware wallet to a computer containing malware/viruses, you compromise the security of your funds but that is not the case with Model T.

Trezor Model T also adopts other security features like two-factor authentication, 12-word recovery seed phrase, passphrase, etc. It supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies and new coins are constantly getting added to it.

In terms of safety and security, Trezor Model T is undoubtedly the best wallet for Voxies (VOXEL).

It’s another incredible feature is that you can create 10+ different accounts for every cryptocurrency so that you can use some accounts for HODLing, some for trading, and some for regular usage.

So if the price isn’t an issue, I recommend you to buy Trezor Model T as it is not just the best wallet for Voxies (VOXEL) but also the best VOXEL hardware wallet all around.

Trezor Model T (Detailed Review)

The Trezor Model T is TREZOR’s next-generation cryptocurrency hardware wallet. A huge colour display provides plenty of room for a lot of information while still being simple to operate.

Voxies, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are amongst the more than 1000 cryptocurrencies supported by Model T.

Security researchers have evaluated the hardware wallet, and with the software being totally open source, it has proved to be flawlessly secure.

Trezor Model T also has the ability to completely control your entire digital identity, including passwords, SSH access, U2F, and more.

How to order?

It is typically suggested that you should acquire the TREZOR Model T hardware wallet straight from the manufacturer’s web store (click here to check the current price).

Cryptosteel Capsule is also available as an add-on, allowing you to protect your hardware wallet backup from the elements out of your control.

TREZOR also offers a worldwide network of authorised resellers. There’s also an Amazon store and a slew of individual vendors. In addition to free and quick shipment to Germany, you’ll get excellent customer care through chat, email, and phone, as well as free installation assistance (in English).

Some hardware wallets are provided under quite varied terms, and a middleman might alter devices to suit his needs.

Contents of package

A box holding the hardware wallet is included in the mailing envelope. A Cryptosteel or OTG cable is included in the shipping, depending on the accessories chosen.

The front side of the Trezor Model T just has the logo, whereas the backside has extra information, such as the cryptocurrencies that are supported with some instructions and tips.

The entire packaging is foil-sealed from top to bottom.

When the outer white cover is removed, the black inside package is seen.

The TREZOR Model T – “The secure location for your coins” – can already be seen via a tiny window.

The front of the lid is closed by a magnet, and it may be opened without removing the adhesive.

The fast start instructions are on the inside, the accessories are on the right, and the TREZOR Model T is on the left when you open the lid.

Magnets hold the hardware wallet in place, and it can be readily removed with just a little push. The hardware wallet and attachments are not harmed by the magnet.

Trezor Model T (Physical and Technical Details)

The device’s weight of 15g immediately makes a positive impression when you hold it in your hand.

It is also somewhat bigger than its predecessor, the TREZOR One, at 64x39x10mm. This is owing to the front panel’s 240 x 240 pixel RGB LCD colour touchscreen.

The TREZOR logo is clearly visible above the display. On the underside, a female USB-C connector with USB 2.0 is included, which is covered behind a holographic seal.

The hologram should be firmly positioned over the TREZOR’s USB-C interface. It leaves traces on the gadget that are difficult, if not impossible, to erase once removed.

It’s possible that your device has been tampered with.

Another microSD card interface may be found on the right side.

This enables developers to manually install the bootloader. With fresh firmware, this interface will be utilised for daily chores in the future. It’s, therefore, possible to store the labelling to the SD card rather than uploading it encrypted to Dropbox (more on that later) or to sign files with a private key through an SD card.


In the black box adjacent to the gadget, you’ll find the USB-C cable and additional supplies. To do so, remove and open the accessory box from the carton.

There is also a “Getting Started” instructional booklet and two cards for recording the recovery seed in addition to the 50cm long wire (backup). And of course, stickers are supplied once again.

But wait, there’s more! Because the black plastic beneath the TREZOR Model T has a dual purpose: it serves as a sort of magnetic mount for the new hardware wallet.

The reverse side of the double-sided sticky tape may be attached to any sturdy surface. You can now dock the TREZOR Model T there and see the screen at any time thanks to the magnets.

Trezor Model One REVIEW

TREZOR has made significant progress with the new packaging and has given it additional consideration. The content is better structured and the lighter look is considerably more attractive.

The employment of magnets to seal the lid produces an instant and positive impact.

The TREZOR Model T hardware wallet appears to be more durable than its predecessor. The fact that a USB-C connector is available is extremely appealing.

The seal remains are annoying and difficult to remove from the hardware wallet.

In terms of the added security, I’m very happy with it.

The TREZOR MODEL T may be hung in its range of view but the supplied docking station is a useful addition.

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Price: Check the current price by clicking below.

Ledger Nano X is a very popular hardware wallet company and it’s Nano X is a feature-rich hardware wallet. Apart from a USB cable, you can also connect it via BlueTooth to any BlueTooth supporting devices. It also has a battery of 100 mAh so you can use it to send or receive cryptocurrencies on the go.

It supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies including Voxies (VOXEL) and 10,000+ crypto tokens which belong to the blockchains of these cryptocurrencies.

Ledger Nano X has also adopted various security features like two-factor authentication, PIN code, a recovery phrase, and a seed phrase. Plus, the wallet gets locked if someone enters a wrong PIN code thrice (Not permanently though).

Additionally, you will need to manually confirm a transaction by pressing the designated button on your device.

The design of the wallet is beautiful and rigid. It has a solid plastic body which is covered by a twisting metal cover.

It is also very compact in size and can be easily carried around like a keychain.

Nano X is our #2 choice for the Voxies cold wallet because:

  • It supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies
  • Supports wireless connectivity (Bluetooth)
  • Beautiful design and good build quality
Ledger Nano X (The Detailed Review)

Ledger Nano X

Due to the certified security element, which is also used in highly secure goods like credit cards and passports, the upgraded successor of the popular Ledger Nano S delivers state-of-the-art security. Over 1000 cryptocurrencies are supported, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP.

You can use it with Bluetooth, which allows mobile usage through a smartphone as well as use on a PC, and free shipment straight from the manufacturer.

How to order?

I highly doubt that these hardware wallets are available near anyone’s nearby local stores, thus purchasing them over the internet is the only choice you have. Ledger has its own web store where it sells its hardware wallets.

There are various accessories to purchase in addition to the hardware wallets. Plus, free delivery, a 14-day simple return policy, more than 15 secure payment ways, multilingual customer service from crypto professionals, and the assurance that you will receive an original device are all benefits of the Ledger Shop.

You may, of course, order the gadget through one of the numerous authorised resellers. Resellers may be found all over the world. In addition to free and quick shipment to everywhere around the world, you’ll also get excellent customer care through chat, email, and phone, as well as free installation assistance.

Contents of package

The hardware wallet, a keychain strap, and a USB C connection for charging or connecting to a PC are all included in the Ledger Nano X’s compact 8x13x3cm package.

A multilingual quick start guide, three “recovery papers” for backing up the hardware wallet, and stickers are also included.

Build Quality

The hardware wallet, like the Ledger Nano S, may be unlocked by twisting the brushed stainless steel lid. The electronics are hidden under the surface in a plastic casing. You may even bend the stainless steel lid entirely to remove it if you like.

The Ledger Nano X is somewhat bigger and heavier than the Ledger Nano S, which is immediately visible. This is owing to the integrated 100mAh battery, which is now equipped with Bluetooth for mobile and PC use.

The OLED display, on the other hand, is a little larger. A black button on the left and a silver button on the right has been moved from the top to the front.

A keychain strap eyelet is located on the right side, and a USB-C port is located on the left side.

Ledger Nano X Usage

After you’ve set up the Ledger Nano X, you may use the Ledger Live applications to interact with the hardware wallet. These are required for the proper management of cryptocurrencies. You may accomplish this by using the manager, which is built within the Ledger Live programme.

Command and Control Center

By holding both buttons down for many seconds, you may access the Ledger Nano X Control Center at any moment. You may check the battery’s charge level, switch the device off, and adjust the settings from here. For instance, consider the following: Bluetooth should be turned off. Increase or reduce the time it takes for the automated switch-off to occur. Change the name of the gadget Bluetooth connections or the entire device can be reset. Set up a second password for more security.

Security Features

The Ledger Nano X, like the rest of Ledger’s hardware wallets, delivers cutting-edge security.

The private keys are safely isolated inside the device’s certified security element (CC EAL5+), the same chip is also seen in high-security applications like credit cards and passports.

Because the Bluetooth connection is solely utilised as a transport layer for public information, it is not a potential attack vector.

The seed phrase or secret keys are never allowed to exit the secure element. The Ledger Nano X’s security is based on the secure element, which will ask clearance for any operation even if the Bluetooth connection is compromised.

Furthermore, Bluetooth may be turned off at any moment in the settings, allowing only cable use. Unauthorized access to the hardware wallet is safeguarded by a PIN code. A password can also be used to secure Ledger Live functioning.

  • Technology is outstanding.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest annual technology show, honours goods that stand out from the crowd. The CES Innovation Honoree Awards honour products or technologies that exceed a particular level of excellence in this area.

This award was given to just 31 goods in 2018, despite the fact that there were over 4400 exhibits at CES this year.

The hardware wallet CES Innovation Honoree Award in the Cybersecurity and Personal Privacy product category was given to Ledger for their Hardware Wallet, highlighting the company’s inventive power in the hardware wallet sector.

It combines the protection of secure components and a proprietary operating system with Bluetooth’s simplicity of use and flexibility, as well as increased storage capacity.

Trezor Model One

Price: Check the current price by clicking below.

Trezor Model One was the world’s first hardware wallet and hosts one of the best Voxies wallet networks.

It is an inexpensively priced hardware wallet by SatoshiLabs. It is another good option to store your Voxies (VOXEL) tokens and other cryptocurrencies safely.

It has a non-touch OLED display and two buttons that are used to sign or decline a transaction. The company provides detailed manuals and instructions to make your configuration and usage process as smooth as possible.

It runs on a custom Cortex M3 (120MHz embedded ARM processor) operating system.

Why use Trezor Model One?

  • Supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies including Voxies (VOXEL)
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Supports USB connectivity
  • 9-digit PIN security
  • Lightweight and compact in size

Trezor’s developing team is also the founder of widely-used 24-word Seed Phrases.

Model One is BIP39 compatible.

It doesn’t offer as many features as Trezor Model T but it is still an amazing VOXEL hardware wallet.

It does not support BlueTooth connectivity and is completely dependent on a USB cable to be fully operational.

Considering its price and features, it certainly deserves a #3 place in our list of the best wallets for VOXEL as it is one of the best Voxies hardware wallets.

Trezor Model One (The Detailed Review)

Trezor One Model

TREZOR is a hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrency in a safe manner. As a result, the hardware wallet is compatible with well over 1000 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Voxies.

The TREZOR is a USB 2.0 device that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. (10.8 or higher). Other security features, such as a password manager, are supported.

How to order?

TREZOR sells its wallet on its own web store. Shipping to a wide range of countries is possible and you will need to pay extra charges for it but it’s reasonable though.

The colours white, grey, and black are available depending on the inventory.

You may also select from a variety of accessories. To use the hardware wallet on the move, you’ll need an OTG cable for Android devices. This should be chosen in the store’s shopping cart.

Instead of writing down your recovery seed on paper, you may keep it secure from the elements with Cryptosteel. TREZOR and Cryptosteel work well together.

TREZOR also works with a global network of resellers. These companies get better deals on hardware wallets and then distribute them in their own nations. These may be found all around the globe.


The hardware wallet and the OTG adapter, both of which must be bought, are included in the compact mailing envelope that fits easily into the mailbox.

The hardware wallet comes in a plain cardboard box that is totally foil welded. Underneath the protective coating is the seals.

If any of the seals are broken, follow the instructions on the back of the box and contact support. The gadget may have been tampered with in this situation, and TREZOR will take care of the matter.

A little sticker on the page also indicates the colour. Before opening, this, too, should be managed.

You can skip straight to the complete scope of delivery if you pay the seal and unlock the extra bond board. It is shock-proof since it is firmly implanted in a foam sheath.

On the one hand, the hardware wallet itself is provided, which is bonded with a foil to prevent scratching. It also includes four TREZOR logo stickers, a USB-to-micro USB connection for connecting to a computer, two recovery seed notes, and a little ribbon for attaching to the TREZOR.

The final size of the TREZOR is rather astonishing. It measures 60 x 30 x 6 mm and weighs only 12 grams. The TREZOR logo sits on the front, along with an OLED display with a resolution of 12864 pixels and two pressure-sensitive buttons beneath. The MicroUSB port for connecting to the device is on the bottom, and an eyelet for a trailer is on the top. The back has never been used.


The order process at TREZOR’s online shop is quite intuitive and simple. All that is required is the delivery address, and payment is performed by Bitcoin or credit card.

From Prague, the Czech Republic, shipping is completed fast and without any hassle. Although the TREZOR Hardware Wallet is also available via Amazon, the third-party sellers should also be handled with caution, as they have the means and the ability to modify the gadget, including the packaging.

In addition, the stickers provide a wonderful addition to the meal.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Price: Check the current price by clicking below.

Ledger Nano S is an affordable and very secure hardware wallet. It is also a non-custodial wallet so you can store the private keys of your cryptocurrencies safely inside it.

You will need to connect it to a computer or smartphone via USB cable and use it to send or receive various cryptocurrencies.

Just like other hardware wallets, Ledger Nano S also supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies including Voxies (VOXEL) and it is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, and Chrome operating systems. You can also connect it to your Android device using an OTG cable.

You won’t even need to connect your wallet to a computer to receive your VOXEL tokens if you have stored its receiving address elsewhere.

Ledger Nano S (The Detailed Review)

Ledger Nano S

The Ledger Nano S is a tiny and lightweight device. In comparison to other hardware wallets, it also features a metal shell, making it more robust. It’s small enough to slip into your pocket or hold in your palm.

The Ledger Nano S functions similarly to any other hardware wallet. You’ll pick a PIN when you initially connect it to your computer and set it up to safeguard it from unauthorised access.

A 24-word seed phrase will be sent to you later, which will serve as your private key.

This seed should be written down somewhere safe, not on your computer because anybody who knows it has access to your Bitcoins.

It’s a good idea to use a Cryptosteel device to jot down this seed.

There are two buttons on the Ledger Nano S that you may use to operate it. The device’s first setup is quick and easy, taking even less than 3 minutes. The majority of your time will be spent writing down your seed.

One of the situations, when the second screen comes into play, is during seed generation. If the seed was shown on your screen, a hacker would be able to view it if your computer was compromised.

This is why the seed words are shown on a tiny screen on the tamper-proof gadget, ensuring that only you can see your seed.

It’s only a matter of installing Ledger Live after the device has been set up. An application on your computer that allows you to interact with the gadget (i.e. send and receive Bitcoins). The Ledger Live interface is extremely user-friendly and does not require any training.

Existing software wallets, such as MyCellium, MyEtherWallet, and others, may also be secured with the Ledger Nano S.


Due to the high level of risk involved in maintaining digital assets, the first step in performing due diligence on a hardware wallet is to open the box.

The Ledger Nano S logo is plainly visible on the outside of the packaging, which is shrink-wrapped in plastic.

Previously, a tamper-proof sticker was used to seal the upper and lower parts of the box. This isn’t the case anymore. Instead, there’s now a comforting card that explains why.

Regardless, you should only acquire a hardware wallet device from the manufacturer or an authorised reseller.

The box contains:

  • Ledger Nano S
  • USB Cable
  • Lanyard
  • Keychain
  • Backup and Info Cards

Pro Note: The wallets mentioned above will always be more secure than all other software wallets that you normally use on your computer or mobile phone.


Here are some other cryptocurrency useful tools that you may like.


A VPN image used in its review in an article written on the Cryptoonews.com website
Why use VPN for cryptocurrency?

For safely using cryptocurrencies, a VPN is well worth the money. It might help you feel safer when it comes to your privacy as a buyer or vendor.

Crypto transactions, as I previously said, are recorded in a public distributed ledger. So there is information accessible on that public ledger that can be used to identify you and if you are identified, then hackers can easily find a way to steal your coins.

Cryptocurrencies are pseudonymous and NOT completely anonymous. That is to say, your transactions are documented under a fictitious name.

Every crypto exchange saves your IP address (anywhere you buy and sell cryptocurrency). Hackers can use this information to determine your identity and then by exploiting flaws in your internet connection, they CAN steal your hard-earned coins.

There are a lot of con artists out there. In fact, crypto exchange frauds netted criminals more than $20 million in the first three months of last year.

We do not, however, advocate that you utilise a free VPN because they are infamously known to sell information. So they might also put you at risk of security breaches, especially if you trade frequently.


An ExpressVPN logo image used in its review in an article written on the Cryptoonews.com website

Price: Check the current price by clicking below.

Expressvpn is a premium VPN that delivers excellent performance and is undoubtedly the best VPN for cryptocurrency trading.

When it comes to safely trade cryptocurrencies, ExpressVPN comes in as the prime choice.

ExpressVPN accepts a number of different payment options, including Bitcoin. As a result, upgrading to a higher level of anonymity becomes more convenient.

Why Use ExpressVPN?

  • It contains the most up-to-date security and privacy features to secure your identity (IP address) when conducting any transactions.
  • It also enables Geo-restricted Altcoins and trading platforms to be accessed in a variety of locations.
  • It has AES-256bit encryption, which can aid you in your cryptocurrency transactions. It also has perfect forward secrecy, which means the encryption key is changed every time the security is compromised.
  • It includes an RSA key, AES 256-bit cipher, SHA-512 HMAC authentication, and AES 256-bit cipher.
  • Because of its TrustedServer Technology, which operates on RAM and wipes your data after each session, you don’t have to worry about your data being saved, resulting in way less vulnerable cyber-attacks while trading cryptocurrency.
  • You won’t have to worry about data breaches because it’s registered in the British Virgin Islands, and you’ll be able to conduct your crypto transactions privately.
  • This VPN server is the ideal choice for newcomers because of its simple UI and easy-to-navigate servers. Furthermore, it is quite simple to set up its app on both a desktop and a mobile device.
  • It works with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, which makes it even better.
  • It offers a customer service team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

Pros of ExpressVPN:

  • Split tunnelling is supported.
  • Kill switch for network lock.
  • Accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for added anonymity.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Servers that are lightning quick.
  • The British Virgin Islands are where the company is based.
  • There are over 3000 servers in over 90 locations.
  • AES 256-bit encryption technique is unbreakable.
  • Unrestricted Bandwidth
  • Excellent security and privacy.

Cons of ExpressVPN:

  • Limited customizable options.

It also comes with an easy 30-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry if you’re unhappy with the service.


As cryptocurrency is tech-savvy, you should acquire some knowledge about it before diving into its pool. The best way to do so is by reading the best selling book written on cryptocurrency.

CRYPTO INVESTING GUIDE-How to Invest in Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs and More

An image of a book called Crypto Investing Guide reviewed in an article written on the Cryptoonews.com website

The Crypto Investing Guide is a must-have reference book for both present and potential crypto investors. The book explains how to navigate the cryptocurrency markets and become fluent in the financial future. The Crypto Investing Guide has 14 informative chapters, including:

  • Cryptocurrency basics and best practices: Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain, a novel and intriguing technology. To grasp the technology’s economic potential, one must first comprehend how it functions and interacts with older financial systems.
  • Economic empowerment through crypto investing: Token Metrics’ purpose is to provide economic empowerment to everyone on the planet. Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new financial instrument that is accessible to anybody with an internet connection, making them an essential tool in this regard.
  • Crypto investing strategies : There’s a lot of speculation regarding Bitcoin’s (BTC), Ethereum’s (ETH), and the other 6,000 altcoins’ future worth. Understanding where to invest might be difficult, but this book will show you how to analyze investment options for best benefit.

The book is easily available at Amazon and at many other major bookstores across the world.

The topics covered in this book are :

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • How to Use and Store Cryptocurrencies
  • Securing Your Crypto From Hackers
  • Value Investing
  • Risk Management
  • Building a Portfolio
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • How to Evaluate Crypto Technology
  • Token Sales: ICOs, IEOs, and IDOs
  • Security Tokens
  • DeFi
  • Mining and Staking
  • NFTs
Author Information

Ian Balina is the creator and CEO of Token Metrics, a crypto data analytics platform that teaches investors how to use machine learning to make better investment decisions.

For his work in analytics, cryptocurrency, and business, he has been featured in CNBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Ian has a master’s degree in computer engineering and was formerly the IBM Watson North American Analytics Evangelist. Token Metrics is a data-driven Moneyball-style technique to investing in crypto assets that he devised.

Ian turned $20,000 into almost $5 million by investing in cryptocurrencies in 2017 using the Token Metrics analytical platform. He was able to achieve financial independence by openly tracking his investments using a free investment spreadsheet. More than one million investors each month used this spreadsheet, which has now grown into one of the most prominent crypto investment research sites.

Ian is also motivated to give back through his humanitarian activities with Children of Uganda and Black Girls Code, having come from modest beginnings in Kampala, Uganda.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About How To Buy Voxies Crypto

An FAQ image used in an article written on the Cryptoonews.com website

What is Voxies and what makes it different?

Voxies (VOXEL) is actually a multi-utility token of a game called Voxie Tactics. It is a modern RPG game designed with a retro theme. The Voxies (VOXEL) are primarily used to buy in-game items like weapons, armour, and other types of equipment.

Can I yield farm and stake on Voxies?

Yes, of course, you can do Voxies yield farming as well as Voxies staking. To know how crypto yield farming works, click here and to know about crypto staking, click here.

What are Voxies Farms and how do I participate?

Voxies farms are pools that allow liquidity providers to earn VOXEL tokens in addition to the trading fees they provide to the pool as farming incentives.

What wallets can I use with Voxies?

First of all, hardware/cold wallets are the most secure wallets. So the best wallets to use with Voxies will be Trezor Model T, Ledger Nano X, Trezor One, and Ledger Nano S.
However, software wallets like Metamask, Torus, etc wallets are also supported by Voxies.
Voxies (VOXEL) will continue to add more wallets as they become available.

Can I use Voxies on my phone?

By linking your wallet to Voxies, you may use it directly from your mobile browser. The Voxies team is currently working on making the platform more mobile-friendly.

What is price impact?

The discrepancy between the actual market price and the projected price for a deal is known as price impact. The magnitude of your trade-in relation to the quantity of liquidity in the pool has the greatest influence on price.
The price of a token rises in tandem with the number of tokens you purchase from the pool. The pricing effect refers to the negative shift in price.
You may obtain a very low price for your swap if you switch to a pool with very little liquidity. When switching, if you see a large price impact, consider trading a lesser amount or exchanging in a pool with more liquidity.

What’s the benefit of providing liquidity on Voxies?

Swaps within the pool pay liquidity providers transaction fees. The Voxies market likewise trades on the Voxies order book, with revenues from maker volume going to liquidity providers in the appropriate pool.
You will earn Liquidity Provider tokens (LP tokens) when you supply liquidity to a pool, which reflects your proportional part of the pooled assets. You would obtain VOXEL-USDC LP tokens if a user invested $VOXEL and $USDC into a pool.
A 0.25% charge is taken every time a user switches between $VOXEL and $USDC within the pool. The LP pool receives 0.22% on that deal. VOXEL stakes get 0.03% of that.
Previously, each LP token was worth 1 USDC and 1 VOXEL if there were 100 LP tokens representing 100 USDC and 100 VOXEL.
If one user exchanges 10 USDC for 10 VOXEL and another exchange 10 VOXEL for 10 USDC, the result is 100.022 USDC and 100.022 VOXEL.
When the LP tokens are removed, each one will be worth 1.00022 USDC and 1.00022 VOXEL.
Additionally, if the tokens you’re LP-ing have a farm or a Fusion pool, you’ll be able to earn heaps of additional reward emissions.
If you are new to the notion of impermanent loss, I will highly advise that you gather detailed information about the entire process for better comprehension so that you can make a better decision.

How do I earn yield from liquidity provider fees on Voxies?

A 0.25% fee is charged every time a user trades within a Voxies liquidity pool. The LP pool receives 0.22% on that deal. VOXEL staking gets 0.03% of that. When you deposit fees into the LP pool, the number of tokens you get back when you withdraw liquidity increases. As a result, you will never need to “harvest” your earnings.
The Voxies token’s market likewise trade on the Voxies order book, with revenues from maker volume going to liquidity providers in the appropriate pool.

What are LP tokens?

A proportional part of a liquidity pool is represented by Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens. For instance, if you contribute to the SOL-VOXEL liquidity pool, you will obtain SOL-VOXEL liquidity pool tokens (LP tokens). These tokens will appear in your wallet if you have deposited liquidity.

Can I withdraw my liquidity tokens anytime?

Yes, you can redeem liquidity tokens for a proportional share of the pool at any time.

How are projected earnings and APY calculated?

The fees collected by the pool in the last 24 hours are extrapolated to a 365-day year, then divided by total liquidity in the pool yields the APY from fees.

Thanks for reading.

I really hope this was helpful 🙂

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