5 Best Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Blockchain Explorers

5 Best Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Blockchain Explorers

  • Blockchain.com
  • Blockchair
  • BlockCypher
  • Bitcoin Blockchain explorer
  • Tokenview
5 Best Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Blockchain Explorers

1. Blockchain.com

Link : https://www.blockchain.com/explorer

Blockchain.com is the most popular and open-source blockchain explorer for bitcoin.

It shows hash rate, size, weight, status, block number, input/output, fee per byte, Pkscript, Sigscript.

Basically, it provides all the essential details of a transaction for a newcomer or experienced user.

It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

2. Blockchair

Link : https://blockchair.com/

Blockchair is one of the biggest search engine for blockchains.

Unlike Blockchain.com, Blockchair is more privacy-oriented and you can also search for embedded text data in the blocks. It is also available on ONION V2 and V3 (javascript-free).

It also shows blockchains for 16 major cryptocurrencies. Its another useful feature is that it shows real-time statistics of the entire 16 cryptocurrencies.

In my eyes, it is the best bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies blockchain explorer.

3. BlockCypher

Link : https://live.blockcypher.com/

Blockcypher is an open-source, simple and the fastest blockchain explorer.

Apart from the normal details, blockcypher consists of pretty handy tools.

It can show the estimated confirmation time of a certain transaction.

You can also find the amount of transaction fee you need to pay to complete your transaction in a certain time.

It shows blocks details for bitcoin, ethereum, grin, litecoin, dogecoin and dash.

4. Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer

Link : https://explorer.bitcoin.com/btc

Bitcoin Blockchain Explorer shows blockchain details for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

You can search for an address, transaction or a block hash in this explorer.

It is not as elaborative as other explorers but it can provide all the essential details of a transaction.

5. Tokenview

Link : https://tokenview.com/

Tokenview is the newest and biggest blockchain explorer.

It boasts of providing blockchain explorers for more than 100 cryptocurrencies.

You can search for different things on Tokenview such as transaction fee/history, input/output, mempool status etc.

That’s it.

If you have any queries, ask me in the comments below.

If you have any suggestions, send me an email through Contact Form.

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